Thursday, 18 June 2009

Yoh Nagao

“Good art work depends on how honestly and purely it is made”, Takashi Murakami once said on TV. This statement impressed young Japanese artist Yoh Nagao, whose works will be featured in his first solo show in Europe. The question how honestly his collage-based works are made is left open. What is certain is that these images, including a fur-wearing Bic Mac, humorously reflect the current zeitgeist.

With a strong reference to pop art and contemporary East Asian aesthetics, the complexity of Nagao’s colourful works lies above all in their unusual mix of techniques and styles. Based on a certain theme, concept or a particular motive, vivid acrylic paint meets collage, pencil, pen and marker dots, realistic elements stand next to mere patterns, and analogue techniques are complemented by digital processes. This mix of materials and styles allows Nagao to create a fresh, new look with every image.

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