Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Exploring the digital era, Part II: Digimag

Digimag is an e-magazine about the topics related to the world of digital art and culture, emphasizing the different existing realities and their synergies. Contents of the magazine are written from experts belonging to the Digicult network.

These professional people have been doing their bit for the magazine realizing interviews and articles to meet the increasing demand for information on national and international digital culture and art world as well as its protagonists.

The founders of Digimag state two reasons why they created the e-zine: First of all, they felt the professional need to find an open, specific and periodic information instrument based specifically on digital art and culture. Second, they wanted to open a constantly updated review on what is going on in the digital culture and art world and, finally, they had the idea to prime processes of professional dialogue by the network's members and the main national and international subjects working in the field.

Digimag is a magazine born to give voice to the main Italian authors, journalists, critics and professional people, to break the strict national editorial rules by exploiting the potentials of the internet, of networking activities, allowing social network dynamics to evolve, survive and spread out. It’s possible to read all the past issues of the magazine on the website. Just follow the covers on the left hand toolbar. It’s also possible to randomly read all the articles, interviews, reports and theorical text ordered by author or section on the web portal Digicult.

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