Wednesday, 26 August 2009

dxi magazine

d[x]i is a quarterly publication devoted to creativity, visual culture and contemporary art making. Among its contents you will find subjects about industrial design, graphic design, interior design, photography, illustration, art, architecture as well as other cross-media disciplines.

d[x]i is a 100% experimental platform which goes beyond the limits of editorial work, generating an independent environment in which different viewpoints of contemporary culture converge with up to date information. Its contents, which are presented in a graphically innovative layout, offer a committed vision to design with cutting edge style.


In nine years of life, d[x]i magazine has expanded considerably the distribution, and for this reason, international contributions have increased. The constant motivation is to create a new and unique publication, innovative and creative, open to reflection. Free suscription world wide.


"We are not afraid." The magazine is open to experimentation, without prejudices. d(x)i is a mixture of artistic disciplines that are often separated. Design magazines are usually printed on good quality paper, and d(x)i wants to demonstrate that you can make a good magazine using very cheap paper. What seems to be correct does not have to be a rule.

The awards that the magazine has received represents us among the public.


d[x]i // Founded in Valencia (Spain) in 2000, from then until now d[x]i has won the LAUS Design Award (2007) a FAD medal for its cultural contribution (2004), the first prize of the National Design Competition Injuve (2002) and the first prize cDIM trophy of the Graphic Design Competition at the International Funiture Fair Valencia (2001), among others.

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