Saturday, 4 September 2010

"By, With and Of" Exhibition Opening at Direktorenhaus

An exhibition which deals with the peeling back of layers starting quite literally as the second floor of the Direktorenhouse is presented for the first time.

Peter Nencini and Elisa Strozyk explore the textures of the house itself exploring the mid-peel status of the 1930s of building and its DDR legacy. While Daniel Becker creates a beautiful site specific light installation.  

Opens Thursday 23rd September at 19.00h 

Roman Bittner's intricate Wallpapers will be shown as will Maike Dahl's modern living silverware. 

Peter Nencini is an illustrator, Designer and Lecturer at Camperwell College of Arts.  Nencini researches constantly and his work contributes to many ideas, movements and conceptual approaches that are relevent to the representation of content in produced form.  Nencini is interested in modularity and the adherence to a grid, and then what happens when the grid is not adhered to, and thus serves as a parallel or indirect contraint.  Nencini is inspired by Friedrich Froebel's 'Gifts and Occupations', Paul Thek's '4-Dimensional Design' and vrije vormegeving.
See more on Peter Nencini's work leading up to the exhibiton.

Elisa Stroyzk is a Textile designer from Berlin.  Concerned with the immaterial nature of our current reality, Stroyzk reconnects us to the emotionality of objects and the significance of the tactile nature of surfaces through her work.  She plays with the customary experience of known materials and alters them, challenging expectations and bringing about a new appreciation of touch.

Daniel Becker is an industrial designer who beautifully bridges design and technology.  Using low-energy LED technology he intertwines light architecture with modular practicallity.  In this exhibition he will be showing Sparks,  "A modular lighting system which consists of three different modules with the ability to be arranged in various configurations to form a three-dimensional structure."

Roman Bittner is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Berlin.  In this season`s exhibition he will be showing a series of intricate wallpapers.  With such accute attention to pure detail, Bittner mesmorises the observer in a land of color.  Based on the principles of construction and application of precise vector graphics, he manages to construct a detailed depiction of an artificial universe in which we can take pleasure in moving the eye across the surface to seek and find new forms. 

According to Maike Dahl, "The most precious thing about silver is to use it." Her interest is to bring silver back in our daily lives. It is important to consider how habits and tools change.  Her silver tableware is adaptable to the modes of modern living and is focused on the `take –away’ generation: mobile, responsive and independent."

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