Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Peter Nencini at Direktorenhaus

A new edition of Peter Nencini's Handwerk is currently exhibted in Berlin at Direktorenhaus. These works are a prelude to a larger show in September.  Nencini says: "I'm showing thirty boxes... The boxed variant pieces have grown, with markmaking of granular character. Both to magnify surface and to dispense with textual information in favour of something mute."

"The cut forms are grouped with printed fabric, ceramic and found-discarded things to constitute a kit for ‘muffled’ play. It’s based somewhat on Friedrich Froebel’s ‘Gifts and Occupations’ (1837) for the early Kindergartens. By ‘muffled’ I mean a silent decision-making, both for the grouping of forms and their manipulation. They are for other people but motivated by a need to assess my own object-literacy."
"I first used the cutting technology commercially, for a series of television sets. In each, the image-vocabulary was developed to be cut and etched in brass, perspex, timber, etc. on a large scale. I think pictures of any kind in architecture have to bear relation to the fabric and proportion of the space, rather than an ephemeral tickling of the surface. So it was useful to work with image-as-structure."
Peter Nencini's work can be seen currently at Direktorenhaus, this work will be followed by a larger show also at Direktorenhaus in September.

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