Friday, 23 July 2010

Direktorenhaus: The Tuesday selection of futuristic art films

KS12 bring us a video screening of three interrelated short video documentaries on self reflection in social media followed by a discussion about the techniques and principles behind the processes of Immediation and Autodocumentation.

Direktorenhaus 10 August 2010 21h  
The DMY Maker Lab was a celebration of Open Design through practice, presentations, and collaborative action, created by instigators and participants alike. It was held at the DMY International Design Festival from 9-13 June 2010. KS12 participated with a workshop on analog motion graphics, as well as instigating an autodocumentary effort. CHASING THE BUFFALO is an artifact of the collaborative energies harnessed at the Maker Lab which transforms the group's flickr pool and a series of interviews into a self-reflective video essay on collaboration. CHASING THE BUFFALO is the third in a series of short subject videos produced by KS12, including DELIVERED IN BETA and FAIL SAFE.
Immediated Autodocumentary is process which enables the everyday practice of self reflection in social media combined with advances in audiovisual digital production to transform videomaking into a praxis of generative dialogue and transcendent discourse. We will watch all three short video documentaries and conduct a group discussion about the theoretical and practical applications of this process to contexts proposed by the audience. Several people featured in the videos will be in attendance to participate in a discussion about, open design, definitions of failure, and the emergent collaboration process. Videos directed by Gabriel Shalom and produced by KS12.