Wednesday, 23 September 2009

This is a Magazine

Founded in 2002 in Milan Italy, This is a magazine has been described as a publishing phenomenon.

1. the most beautiful magazine on the web
2. a paper sculpture...a book of experimental expression
3. pretentious...fantastic
4. and seriously mind-blowing
 5. Publishing periodic online episodes with artists working in and around the internet, the project includes a series of award-winning biennial printed compendia available through contemporary art galleries and museum bookstores.

1. Varoom, Journal for Illustration and Made Images, U.K.
2. D della Repubblica, Italy
3. Ozon Magazine, Greece
4. Contemporary, U.K.

By This is a magazine, 2009
ISSN 1721-4904

Pink Laser Beam is the 6th printed Compendium from This is a magazine. The title refers to science-fiction writer Philip K. Dicks final novel Valis in which the protagonist receives extra-terrestrial transmissions on a beam of pink light of unknown origin.

Each chapter in Pink Laser Beam is dedicated to an artist, researcher or collectives work presented across a giant sheet which is mechanically scored and hand-folded before final binding into the finished volume in ways that appear to defy logic, revealing new associations and hidden meanings as it unfolds in time and space.

This is a book that demands interactivity, in an edition of 666 copies each containing 180 pages of scored, punch-cut, embossed, drilled and folded works on paper (and plastic) all stitched into a hard-bound cold-foil printed cover which is then wrapped in a giant poster dust-jacket.

Artist multiples/extras included with each compendium: DIY "OMG" obelisk by aids-3d / Custom 3d-vision glasses for Evolution of 3-space by Donnachie, Simionato & Son / a cardboard picture-disc for My Cat is an Alien soundtrack / DIY hex-sticker by the Center for Tactical Magic / three playing cards / star-map by Grant Willing / a complete (yet invisible) book by J.G. Ballard as served by the Amazon Noir project

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