Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Illustrative Street Art Event in Zürich

Street Art has by now been established as a true art movement. Young andused-to-be-young creative minds won't let anything stand in the way of restricting their expression. Their medium is the street, the city, the public space.

Street Art itself doesn't need institutionalised exhibition spaces. Just keep your eyes peeled and you'll find it everywhere. The sea of monochrome and monotonous cityscape cradles these graphically designed islands of individual expression. Still, they combine a head-spinning mixture between legitimacy and rebellion, design vs. civil disobedience.

The strong influence of graphics and illustration that can be found in street art and its great visual impact gave way to the impulse to include this important movement in Illustrative '08. This was done in two ways: Firstly with activities in the public space, secondly as part of the Illustrative '08 exhibition. Here visitors had the unique chance to observe the artists at work, who usually prefer to remain anonymous.

Illustrative would like to thank all participating artists, who contributed far more than what is visible on the site.


Schwarzmaler (Wes 21, Kade, Kese27,…)

Kesh & Walkone

Manuel Pozo (Keep Real)


Sware, Apfel-Z








Grafikerin und Illustratorin aus Bern überzeugt mit ihren starken und illustrativen Motiven. Acrylfarben und handgemalte Sticker waren ihr Beitrag zu der Streetart-Aktion der Illustrative `08 in Zürich. Ansonsten illustriert sie Bücher und betreibt ihr eigenes Textillabel.

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