Thursday, 17 December 2009

Style and Personality

The internationally operating illustration agent Anna Goodson talks about her work. She is the boss and founder of Anna Goodson Management HQ, located in Montreal, Canada Mrs Goodson, how do agents and illustrators get in touch with each other? Is there a 'typical scenario'?

Not really. I source them out and they find me. If I see an illustrator that I like, I usually send them an email and ask them if they are interested in international representation.

Why should an illustrator or an animation artist have himself represented by an agency? What could be the artist's possible expectations and in which way could he benefit from this cooperation?

That's a very good question and one I have been asked several times before. In fact I wrote a blog about it.

If you consider to admit an illustrator or an animation artist to your agency, is it exclusively the artist's style or his preferred themes that are decisive or is personality relevant as well?

Style, personality and professionalism. I take into account many things before signing someone on.

Do you focus on a certain artistic style, certain themes or artists from a certain region?

No, I am open to the world.

They say agents are hired because of their 'style'. Which is your agency's 'brand mark'? In which way do you differ from other agencies?

I think we are very different from others out there. I consider that Anna Goodson Management specializes in the "Y" generation. "Why" because of the way we service our clients, because we are international and because we source out the "Sickest" illustrators working today. We source the planet and group together the best. We don't follow the trend in illustration, we create it.

As a businessman/-woman, an agent needs to have a 'market instinct'. How would you describe the 'business' of an illustration agency, for example how do you calculate the expectation of profits, do you - given the globalisation of the market - cooperate with other agencies etc.?

We have always worked on our own. We are looking to open other markets with reps located in other cities rather than joining an existing agency. The business of illustration is a challenging one but if you are pro active as we are and confident then you will succeed.You also have to work hard at promoting your artists and I am always looking at new ways to do that.

As how important do you consider the contact with other agencies? Do you regard fair-like events (like the Portfolio Review Event,. cp. as helpful?

I think it's important to be connected to others in the same industry as you. It's also really nice to meet people face to face in this day and age. I spend so much time in front of my computer that I miss the hand shakes and the live feedback.

Mrs Goodson, thank you very much for the interview.

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