Tuesday, 6 October 2009

BLOGmag - The only italian students'magazine.

BLOGmag is an italian magazine born in Bologna in 2005 from the idea of a group of high-school students. After the first year, with three numbers distribuited in all the high-schools of the city, it has started growing, reaching more and more cities and schools, until the 28 cities of the last year.

BLOGmag It's a free press monthly magazine, which feautures articles written by the students themselves, interviews, music and movies reviews and games. The main goal of the magazine is to speak to the students and from the students' point of view, dealing every month with actuality issues in a more young-oriented language than the one of the official medias.

BLOGmag has always had, and always will have, a particular attention for the cover, exclusively realized every month by selected italian and international graphic artists, such as Jon Burgerman, GianFranco Leroy, Grems, Tokidoki and many others. This makes of every issue a portable art piece, bringing some fun in the boring school days!


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