Monday, 4 August 2008

Exhibit in Illustrative Zurich 2008

Bigger, more international and now with exhibition spaces. ILLUSTRATIVE, the leading European forum for contemporary Illustration and Graphics, is coming to Zurich this year. From the 17th to the 26th of October, the city of numerous creatives, graphic-designers, and artists turns into the metropolis of illustrative art.

Founded in Berlin in 2006, the ILLUSTRATIVE has taken place so far twice in Berlin (2006/2007) and once in Paris (2007). This year, in the exhibition centre Zurich, the festival spans over 2.500 m² with more than 400 works of about 60 artists, an inspiring density of graphics, Illustration and related works.

In the centre of the 10-day festival is an exclusive display of works by 25 internationally established illustrators. To guarantee the continued attractiveness of the event, the artists exhibiting are carefully chosen and attended to. The show, which is curated by Pascal Johanssen, does not only represent the quality and fantasy of contemporary graphics, but also reflects the visual impact that graphic de-sign, illustration, book art, comics, concept art, and animation have on the art world.

Furthermore, the Young Illustrators Award, conferences, a film programme and parties attract a young, design-oriented audience. The short listed artists of the newcomer award, whose works are included in the exhibition, reflect the latest developments of the illustration and graphics art genres and represent a fascinating seismograph for new movements.

Target audiences – Illustrators, Agencies, Creative Industries

With its innovative and fresh concept, ILLUSTRATIVE addresses a specific audience (artists, illustra-tors, professors, students, agencies, art directors, publishers, photo editors, etc.) as well as the inter-ested public. All in all, the typical ILLUSTRATIVE audience has a keen interest in design, with a mutual affinity for quality, technical perfection and innovation, perhaps more so than the classic gallery visitor. Increasingly so, ILLUSTRATIVE is, however recognized by the classic art scene.

The visitors of ILLUSTRATIVE are young: Judging from the organizers’ research the average age is 29. The number of female visitors slightly dominates with about 60%.
In September 2006 the ILLUSTRATIVE started with about 12,300 paying visitors over 2.5 weeks. In the following year, the event doubled its visitor numbers with over 24.500 sold tickets. ILLUSTRATIVE Paris (December 2007), which was open for 10 days, attracted 15.800 visitors.

Exclusive artistic presentations in the art fair-area “Illustrative Forum“

This year, for the first time an art fair will take place during the festival. Selected members of crea-tive industries –agencies, universities or magazines for example – will have a chance to present themselves here to the audience. The main criterion for their selection is a mutual affinity for con-temporary graphics, illustration, or art-related subjects.

The newly integrated art fair “Illustrative Forum“ will provide an open platform to exchange experi-ence, establish partnerships and jobs, and will function as a playground for new inspirations. Within this forum, each exhibitor is offered a space of about 15 m², which can be used for the duration of the festival.

Ideally situated in the entrance area of ILLUSTRATIVE, the forum is sure to draw the attention of visi-tors several times: the forum is in close proximity to both the lounge and the shop and is an ideal destination after touring the exhibition. Our aim is to create a space that deviates from the homoge-neity of a typical fair in favour of an environment that is experimental and inspiring, a space where visitors can discover the unknown. It is up to you to use this space creatively, to design it with innova-tion and character in mind. The available space will feature ten participants. This is to guarantee the highest possible visibility. For us, important criteria include: an affinity for illustrative and graphic art as well as the creative design of your exhibition space.

Rules and Conditions

The organisers of the festival receive a payment of 150 EUR all-inclusive per day (though not in-clusive of tax), for all the benefits listed above for vendors who plan to book for the space for 10 days. If you prefer to exhibit for only 5 days, it is 200 EUR all-inclusive (not including tax). For further information about how to apply and the included benefits go to participation conditions.

Event period: Friday, 17th of October to Sunday, 26th of October, 2008. Open daily from 11 am to 8pm.
Construction period: Monday, 13 th of October, to Friday, 17 th of October, 2008
Venue: Hall 9, Exhibition Centre, Thurgauerstr. 11, 8050 Zürich-Oerlikon

For further questions please contact:

Pascal Johanssen
Künstlerische Leitung
Illustrative e.V.
Gormannstr. 23
10119 Berlin

Fon: +49(0)30 48 49 19 29

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