Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Rules of Competition

1. Registration
The registration for participation is to be carried out per mail with a simple word-form, which can be filled out digitally. The application form can be found here. Entry deadline is August 31st, 2008.

2. Completion of the mandatory
The registration is regarded as completed, by the time the arrangement fee in the amount of 30 EURO is transferred to the account of the Illustrative.

Deadline is August 31st, 2008.
Account holder: Illustrative e.V.
Account number: 2084540008
Bank code number: 10090000
For bank transfer from abroad:
IBAN: DE28100900002084540008

The registration is presumed to be completed with the date of receipt. Per mail the complete registration is verified by the Illustrative. Supplementary each participant receives an identification number and a personal contact person at the Illustrative.

3. Submission
The art works, which shall be handed in, are supposed to be combined in a single, multilateral PDF-document. The transmittal is to be carried out per email or by sending a CD or DVD. In case of sending aCD/DVD, the pictures can be send in as fine data with higher resolution.

4. What can be turned in?
The aim of the competition is to award innovative tendencies and individual artistic approach of the young talents. Hence are we not looking for “the best commercial illustration”, but a freelance artistic work with illustrative or graphic background.

Category Illustration:
Single pictures as well as series can be handed in.

Category Animation:
Allowed to be handed in are films, flash-films or similar of any length. Animations have to be submitted as posted CDs or DVDs. A link to You Tube is not sufficient.

Category bookart:
Here it is adequate to hand in an image of the book in a multilateral PDF-document. It is asked for that all essential constituents of the book are represented (cover, important pages, illustrations and particular processing features)

5. Can also objects and installation concepts be handed in?
Yes. The current illustration- and graphic design goes beyond the boundaries of the conventional image presentation - on this account other presentation forms and underground material are possible to be chosen. Though, a distinct illustrative relationship must be established, for instance in form of an illustration an object or within the installation conception. In those cases the posted artwork is ought to be displayed photographically on a CD (PDF-document or JPEG). Regarding installations, a multilateral PDF is enough, which describes the installation conceptually and illustrated. The installation must not be realised yet, but, in the event of the awarding, it has to be realised during the Illustrative 2008.

6. Is there a theme this year?
No. The main aim of the competition is to award the individual artistic position. Therefore the respective themes can be freely chosen. This openness shall make the intense engagement with a personal theme possible. The choice of the theme is supposed to be described in an one-sided artist statement. The text can be composed in English.

7. What happens when the artworks are handed in?
As soon as the artworks are handed in the registration is competed and the participance in the competition is entire. Each participant gets an identification number and will be informed when the preselection is closed. The selection is made by an jury, which consist of 12 representatives of leading universities, agencies and graphic design magazines. By the time the preselection is closed, certain artists will be invited to the final selection. During this last round original or well printed artworks can be requested. As part of the final selection the 20 participants are determined, who will take part in the exhibition at the “Illustrative 2008”. Those are the 20 nominees for the Young Illustrators Award. All who have been invited to the final selection will be advised of the result of this selection.

8. What happens if my artworks were nominated for the YIA?
After the announcement of the 20 nominees, they will get an individual contact person at the Illustrative, to prepare the exhibition at the “Illustrative 2008”.

9. Exhibition, price and awards ceremony
Within the exhibition of the Young Illustrators Award, which is to be found in an own section, the positions of the 20 nominees for the YIA are shown. This exhibition will be near by the main exhibition of the “Illustrative 2008” and thus accessible to all visitors. Moreover the 20 nominated artist will be presented in the exhibition with biographical blackboards and a summary of the artist statement. At the press conference in advance to the beginning of the “Illustrative 2008” the nominated artworks will be presented to the press and the deputies of the media partners of the Illustrative.During the festival the award ceremony of the Young Illustrators Award is carried out in presence of the jury and the audience. The three winners of the Young Illustrators Awards (gold, silver, bronze) will be duly informed before the award ceremony. The first three winners have the possibility, to design the exclusive Swatch-Edition-watch. This“Limited-Edition-Watch” from Swatch, of which there exists only one model worldwide, ranks among one of the most coveted collector's items in the international Horlogerie. The three winners will be actively included in the campaign of Swatch and additionally they are automatically nominated for the final selection of the main exhibition in the upcoming “Illustrative 2009”.

Deadline: August 31st, 2008

Announcement of the nominees: In good time before the festival
Nominees-Symposium: Will be announced later
Award show: Will be announced later

If there are more questions for you to ask, you are very welcome to contact us.
+ 49 (0) 30 - 27 58 09 – 24 or johanssen[at]

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